Diego Marques

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I am professor of the Department of Mathematics at University of Brasilia since 2009.

My main interest subject is Number Theory: transcendental number theory, Diophantine equations, recurrent sequences, Diophantine approximation and elementar number theory.

I obtained my undergraduate and master degree in Mathematics from Universidade Federal do Ceará and doctor degree in Mathematics from Universidade de Brasília.

Here is the link to my Curriculum.

My preferred number is \(\log \pi = 1.14472988584940017414342735135\ldots\) which I hope to prove (at least) its irrationality.

My Erdös number is 2 (Marques\(\to\)Luca\(\to\)Erdös).

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Department of Mathematics
University of Brasilia
Tel: + 55 61 31076402
e-mail: diego[at]mat.unb.br


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